Why doesn't my laptop see the SSD connected to it?

I have a Dell D800 that I've upgraded to a 64gb SSD drive, but it doesn't see the ssd drive when connected to the hdd port,so instead, I added a usb adapter and I'm currently booting/using the system that way. Any Ideas why the bios doesn't see the drive when connected to the ide port but does see the drive when connected to a usb port?

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  1. Which SSD did you get??? Reason I ask is that the vast majority of SSDs are SATA, not PATA(IDE).
  2. None of the pata ssd drives perform very well, so I went with a crucial c300 64 gb 1.8 in drive and a sata to ide adapter. the usb adapter connects to the ide side of the sata/ide adapter.

    One thing I need to verify is if the ssd is getting powered when connected to the ide port, compared to when it's connected to the usb adapter

    For those reading this and think why bother the old laptops won't benefit anyway,
    here are some real world apples to apples comparisons

    Running Linux Fedora 14,
    boot time 80 seconds versus 60 to login prompt,
    login to desktop ready time 40 seconds versus 10
    application load time (open office 3.1 write) 42 versus 14

    These numbers are for a ssd connected via a usb port and a 5400 pata ide laptop drive
  3. How is your SATA to PATA-IDE adapter providing power to the SSD?

    Please specify the make and model of the SATA to PATA-IDE adapter that you are using. Without any detail we can only guess at a solution.
  4. I am unable to determine who the mfg is of this adapter but the details are:

    2.5" SATA Hard Drive to IDE 44 Pin Adapter For Laptop Drives

    Purchased at
  5. I bought 3 8Gig Pata SLC SSDs for work (replaced 2 Gig SCSI HDD). The adaptor had 2 wires that pigtails off of it and had to be plugged in to a Molex connector. (this was for a rack mounted compute (old Pentium 233 running windows 3.11) - Not sure about obtaining power to it with a laptop.

    Looked at your link and it looks like it is suppose to get power from the 44 pin connector - But if that plugs into the normal IDE cable, I'm not sure. It also implies that it does fit in most laptops.
  6. The power would be supplied through the left-most four pins of the IDE connector as shown in that link. The other standard 40 pins are for data signals only.
  7. That makes sense as IDE cable is 40 Pin (40/80 wires). The question then becomes does the point at which he is connect to provide power to thoes four pins.
  8. That is correct, the sata to ide adapter derives it's power from the ide interface.
    Or in my case the ide-usb connection. All told it doesn't explain why the laptop doesn't see the drive when connected via the ide interface.
  9. Perhaps I should try a different sata to ide adapter? ideally a 1.8in micro sata to 2.5in 44 pin ide would be desired. Suggestions anyone?
  10. Pin 41 provides +5V to the circuit board logic on the HDD/SDD.
    Pin 42 provides +5V to the spindle motor on HDDs.
    Pin 43 is ground.
    Pin 44 is left floating/unconnected which indicates the drive type is ATA.

    The link that you provided shows that there is a jumper on that adapter. Is that jumper used to indicate whether the HDD/SDD is an IDE master or slave drive? How do you have it configured?
  11. the printing reads jp1 HDD select off master (default).
    I left it on since it worked, and forgot about it. When I remove the jumper the laptop see the drive but also reports a disk error. I guess this is progress..
    Since this was a test install, I'll try reinstalling F14, and see how far I get.
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