Is something wrong with my CPU?

I just put in a new Zalman Heatsink for my CPU. When the computer is idle my Nvidia system monitor shows 50 degrees. But when I play any game the computer freezes and crashes. I think it's the CpU because it has overheated a couple times before that. I want to know if the CPU is done and I need a new one or is it something else? Thanks
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  1. Sounds to me like you didn't get the heat sink mounted correctly.
    Did you clean all the old thermal paste off completely?
    Did you use the proper amount of new thermal paste?
    Did you get the heatsink mounted perfectly flat and tight?
  2. Like jitpublisher said, make sure everything is cleaned off and reapply the thermal paste and reseat the heatsink. And you said it overheated? What do you mean by that?
  3. Components have a heat threshold, just because it was made with a max temp of 60 doesn't mean it can go to 65

    it just reduces its life

    now if it has overheated before this can you clarify on this??

    and just like jitpubisher said, follow his instructions,

    50C is high idle temps, and no wonder you crash
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