Help with AMD overdrive.

My Phenom 955 is performing to slow. I can overclock it in AMD overdrive and the computer works fine. It is a pain though to have to overclock it again every time I turn unsleep my computer or turn it on. Is there a way to set the overclocking settings as my computer defaults.
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  1. wait, is your whole computer lagging? or is your 955 showing up as not running at the right speeds?
  2. MY phenom is showing that it is operating at 800 MHz and my computer is really slow and I can not play the most simple games without using AMD overdrive. I have turned off cool and quiet.
  3. return/rma it.
  4. No it is a software issue ( I am positive)
  5. Software? how could software cause your computer to lag? unless you are getting faulty readings...
  6. Software has nothing to do with your CPU running at 800mhz.
    You need to dump the program you are trying to use, uninstall it.
    Go into the BIOS and make sure the CPU is being detected an set up correctly there. You may need a BIOS update.
  7. Ya I meant it is a BIOS problem. I have corrected all the settings and it still is slow.
  8. like jitpublisher said, check for any bios updates.
  9. JDV28 said:
    return/rma it.

    Newegg does returns on processors?
  10. Check your sleep state in the BIOS and your Windows power management settings in the Control Panel.

    And update the BIOS if the CPU is not properly recognized, as noted.

    edit: I fergit.

    On one of the sub-menus (on the far right tab IIRC) in AOD there is a checkbox to lock your OC. It would probably be the most simple to set the cpu multi in the BIOS to 17, 17.5 or 18 in the BIOS (with maybe a slight bump in cpu voltage).

    A similar bump in voltage with an OC to the IMC/NB would also help your performance in addition to your cpu OC.

    Always check your temps ... :)
  11. I was told by both AMD and ECS to update my BIOS but would it help if my BIOS already recognizes my processor
  12. Perhaps. 800mHz is the minimum multiplier for a Phenom II. Check the multi in the BIOS.
  13. I have and I set it to the right multiplier and I can not boot with those settings I have to reset the cmos.
  14. Alright, it's definately defective.
  15. not necessarily he still hasn't updated the bios.
  16. I updated the BIOS just how they told me to and now when I try to turn the computer on the fans run but the screen remains black. I have reset the cmos, but still the same problem.
  17. I i JUst buy a new motherboard from an new company will that solve my problems or might I still have the same problem. I am willing to get a new motherboard if it will be the end of my problems. I do not want my same board again. What board do you recommend. I never overclock and only have one GPU. I am looking for something that is simply plug and play.
  18. Maybe...
  19. When you run AMD Overdrive, there is a green circle in the upper right hand side. If you click it, there should be a red circle around the green one. If you don't have the red circle, your using AMD's version of speedstep (or whatever it's called) and the CPU is performing in low power mode. Hit that green button and get the red circle around it. Your 955 should be then running at full speed.

    I've encoutered problems where after I run a benchmark test (pass, btw) if I go to adjust fan speeds the system will reboot. I think that's more of a software issue, but just a heads up.

    Good luck. Oh, and IMHO I wouldn't want to use a nice processor like a 955 on a ECS board. Ever. Get a Biostar or Asus or Rocktek.
  20. It's called Cool 'n Quiet.
  21. had the same problems with a gigabyte board... solved it with a simple bios update... i even used the small utility that comes with gigabyte boards to do the update i just needed a restart to have everything in order...
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