Asus P5QPL-AM vs MSI G41M4-F

I'm a newbie to hardware things and would like to buy a new PC. I'm currently stuck on which motherboard should I choose.

My only options are:
1.) Asus P5QPL-AM ( )
2.) MSI G41M4-F ( )

Which of the two should I buy?
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    As long as you don't plan on anything more than mild overclocking, both should be fine basic motherboards (Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express x16 1.1). Too bad you can't get something a bit better and probably less expensive like the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L.
  2. Thanks for the response.

    I'm not in the US so I have to choose the best available, unfortunately only those two when I look their specs.

    I won't OC too.
  3. If they cost the same , I would go with the MSI.
  4. May I know why you would choose MSI?

    The MSI G41M4-F is the cheaper one.
  5. Because it has better Ethernet and sound controllers. Other than that I see no differences between the Asus and the MSI. They both are low-end motherboards that do the job.
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