After Cloning XP Pro drive can't connect to my server

Hello Everyone,

After successfully cloning my XP Pro drive to a larger drive I can't connect to my server which is running Windows Server 2003. I get the following error:

An error has occurred while reconnecting X: to \\???????\????
Microsoft Windows Network: The network path was not found.
The connection has not been restored.

Does anyone have an idea what might cause this?
Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Try pinging the IP address of the server from the malfunctioning computer.

    On the server, open command prompt (Windows+R, type cmd, enter) and type ipconfig, then his enter, to get the IP of the server.

    On the XP machine, open a command prompt, and type "ping ip.address.of.machine" replacing with the IP you got from the server.

    This will test whether or not the problem is network related or just with mapping the drive.
  2. Thanks Virucyde,

    If I ping the server it's responding.
  3. Disconnect the mapped drive, try to re-connect again.
    All you you did is clone it?
  4. The cause of this ended up being Zone Alarm.

    I was running Zone Alarm before I cloned the drive....and just on a hunch I thought I would turn off Zone Alarm to see if that was causing it and that was the cause. For some reason after replacing the original drive with the new cloned drive it was blocking access to the server.

    Thank you for your replies!
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