Help installing Vista 64 bit! :)

hope its the right section! :)

I just built my PC, when I try to clean install vista x64 i get up to the part where it asks me to select a hard drive and no HD would show, even though it was recognised in the BIOS screen...

I tried chnging it to AHCI mode still no HD dhowing up, found and DL'd the AHCI drivers, the PC located them but when i selct them and click on next, nothing happens? any help...

ASUS M4N78 PRO (Hybrid SLi disabled)
WD 640GB Cavai Blue

anything else just ask, thanks in advanced, and also could you post links and how to do it thanks...
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  1. I would try using the hardware software to set up the drive. I use maxblast 5.0, a free download; it will give you options to set up as a bootdisk or secondary data drive. Western digital also has it's own software. And check your hardrive cables; some of the old sata cables come loose easily.
  2. In the BIOS, make you sure that the HDD configuration is on JBOB, not on RAID or other.
  3. HDD is set to SATA i think and storage config. to AHIC, will check soon. Thanks. :)
  4. BUMP! any help, please :)
  5. Don't change to AHIC, must be JBOB. Also, put it on another SATA port, or in another PC to test that the HDD is good.
  6. yep will give it a go later :)
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