SLOW gigabit transfer speeds

Hey all.

Ill start off with the whole story.

I have recently updated my network to ten megs through my cable company! So I decided to go out on a limb and update some of my network devices. I have a wndr3700 router (gigabit) bridged gigabit ports on my desktop, and an external Seagate HDD that is Gigabit as well. I am currently running EVERY network cable as CAT6. When I try to copy items from my desktop to my external networked HDD I am getting SLOW speeds of around 1MB/s...I don't understand this.. I also can copy files WIRELESSLY from my laptop to my networked HDD and I am getting speeds of around 8MB/s. :sarcastic: confused yet? I am..

If any of you gurus have any ideas I would appreciate it! I also am running windows 7 ultimate.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Update:

    I unbridged my connection and now i am getting transfer speeds of 15MB/s.

    That is still no where near the 1000 I am supposed to get with gigabit connectivity, but i realize my HDD on my computer is 7200rpm and should knock it down to what? 32mb/s? :na:
  2. any ideas?
  3. How is the Seagate HDD connected to the network, is it just a network port on the external drive, or is it USB to something then to network?

    Most home NAS (network attached storage) doesn't have any processing power in them at all, so your will never get gigabit speeds. So I am betting it is your Seagate HDD that is slowing it down. get a second gigabit computer, and do a copy between them to get a better test on gigabit
    Your hard drive should be getting at least 50MBps, I get around 65-70MBps wright speed to my 1TB drive.
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