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We are running a small Client-Server network at the office. On the network we need a secure shared folder that is only accessible to managment from their client machines via a password. Now the server is NTFS based and running XP Pro with SP2, while the client machines are all running Vista. Not intentional, it just worked out that way. All machines and server are on the same workgroup. So I created a new login with a password and admin rights, on the server. Created the new shared folder and organied the permissions to only allow access to that user. All fine.

The problem comes in, when that shared folder on the server is accessed from a client machine, you are presented with 'Access Denied' at no time do you get the window allowing you to enter the username and password to access the folder. Now if I create that same new user and password on the client machine, login to it and then access the folder there is no problem, you can get straight in as you would expect. However this practice is not practical for management, as they would be required to switch users on their client machines everytime they want to access the folder.

So how can I make the login window appear with the username and password on the client machines that want to access that folder without them having to switch users everytime. What might I be overlooking? If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful to hear them as I am now quite stumped by this.
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  1. Ok, you have to get acces to your cliente in 2 tabs. The first is on share, add the user acount and check the fields that you give him acces

    The second tab is security, the same way, add the user account and give him access on the fields that he nedd.

    Disable the firewall of vista and xp, sometimes this is a problem and windows defender too.

    When the system ask for a user account and a password, and you write but the system ask again, maybe is 'cause the user account that you are writting don't have access to the folder or his account is blocked....
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