I have an M2N-MX SE Plus - will it take an x2 7750?

AMD Athlon X2 Processor 7750 2.7GHz True Dual-Core Design 3.0MB Total L2 L3 Cache Socket AM2

Will it work with that motherboard. I checked the compatibility list on the asus site, but it's not on there.
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  1. Have you tried contacting ASUS?
  2. http://www.asus.com/Search.aspx?SearchKey=m2n-mx%20se%20plus

    YES.YES.YES..Your 7750 like my 7850be is an AM2+ which IS supported it's right there in the first line as are in all Asus descriptions..:)
  3. just want to ask if an ati 5770 is compatible in this mobo. thanks
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