Keeping tabs on Temps after unlocking cores

Hi lads,

I unlocked the extra 2 cores to make my 560BE a quad core CPU - the system turned all 100%, got to windows 100% and i messed around with it for around 10 - 20 mins, not using intensive applications to see if there would be any crashes, and thankfully there weren't.

I turned it off afterward because the case seemed to be a little hotter compared to usual and I only have a stock fan (just to be safe)

Now I couldnt get Core Temp to show me the temp of the CPU, and having done a quick google around, it seems this is a normal thing.

I read that using ASUS Probe would give me the temps of the CPU, but i couldnt get this to show up correctly. Has anyone ever used ASUS Probe to show CPU temps having unlocked extra cores? What do people use to get the temps?

Thanks all,
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  1. If I remember correctly, Probe didn't show my cpu temp in the interface when unlocked. I think it will give you a cpu reading somewhere if you open the configuration tab..

    I would recommend WHMonitor for monitoring temps. CPU temp will be reported as "tmpin0" and your mb temp as "tmpin1".

    When you get a cpu reading, test your unlocked cores for stability by running a stressing program like Prime95,OCCT,LINX or Intel Burn Test for at least 2 hours. Don't let cpu temp to get up over 60c even though amd says 70c
  2. Your a star mate, appreciated :)

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