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I have a quick question. I have 2 1TB black drives and 4 300GB raptor drives. If I raid 0 each of those blacks and all 4 of the raptors which do you think would give better performance?
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  1. The Raptors. When dealing with AID0 the more the better.

    What makes you think you need that kind of speed?
  2. Depends on what kind of performance you're talking about. The Black drives will probably give faster transfer rates, but the Raptors will definitely have better access times.

    Note, however, that RAID 0 doesn't really improve access times - all the drives will have access times just about as fast even if you keep them as separate, single drives.

    Usually when people are trying to speed up their system to make it boot and start programs faster it's access times that are most important. Transfer rates are only important for copying or processing large files.
  3. How do you figure the Raptors will have slower transfer rates?
  4. It depends on which generation of drives he's talking about. The 1st-generation Raptors had less dense platters and so their transfer rates weren't as fast as the higher-density 1TB drives, even though they spun faster. That's because they were updating the 7200RPM drives with higher density platters more often than they were updating the Raptors.

    I just checked the spec sheets for the current-generation drives:

    300GB Velociraptor: 126GByte/sec (spec sheet)
    1TB Caviar Black: 126GByte/sec (spec sheet)

    So for the current generation drives it's a dead heat in terms of transfer rate.
  5. No its not. He said 2 blacks vs 4 300GB Raptors. Not only are the transfer rates even, but the extra drives will give them the edge. Which is faster? The Raptors.

    He still doesn't need that kind of speed though.
  6. Ah, you're right - he did say more of the black drives than the raptors. I missed that - sorry! D'oh!
  7. It's not that I need the speed really. It is more that i have them laying around collecting dust. So I was going to use them in a computer for my wifes family. It was cheaper going to one of those solutions then buying a ssd. So the raptors would be faster then correct in terms of access times and and a dead heat between transfer rates?
  8. Putting drives in RAID 0, especially older drives, and especially for someones else's computer, and especially for a family PC, and especially if it is for someone in your family is not a very good idea, and entering into a discussion about the speed of such setup for the intended use of this system is pretty irrelevant.

    Put the Raptor in they system as the OS drive, put a Caviar Black in as a storage drive, and leave RAID out of it.

    Just some friendly advice, whether you decide to take it or not is entirely up to you.
  9. ^____ Amen +1,000
  10. I definitly see your point. I do however test all drives as if they are going into a mission critical enviroment. These drives are less then a year old and I make frequent images of them in that case would you still consider it more risk then it's worth?
  11. Do you have a good backup strategy in place? Using external enclosures ore a docking station would make those 1TB drives very useful for multiple cycles of backups.
  12. Yes i make frequent images of the machine or atleast plan to after this change over. Do you think have the 4 raptors involves to much unneeded risk as compared to the 2 blacks? Even though say the 2 blacks have a potential for more data to be stored.
  13. You'll get the same capacity whether you connect them as a single large RAID 0 set or individual drives. If you're just looking to make use of them the simplest and safest thing to do is to just hook them up individually.
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