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Diferences between 4850 dual and single slot

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 11, 2009 4:19:15 PM

what are the differences between the 4850 single slot and the 4850 dual slot?

is it that the single slot uses only 1 pci slot while the dual uses 2 but that the single slot makes more noise and heat??
a c 179 U Graphics card
May 11, 2009 4:27:19 PM

Do you have any particular cooler/card in mind?
Most of the single slot use the ATI reference cooler AFAIK which does indeed tend to run hot, even with the fan set to run faster than stock.
Noise is, at best, subjective: What is a deafening howl to some is a mere rustle to others. Best bet here is to read the Newegg reviews, even if you are not from the US the site is a goldmine of user reviews.
Single and dual slot means the amount of space taken up by the cooler so a 'dual slot' cooler uses one slot but the cooler blocks the one below.
One of the best, in my opinion, is the IceQ series: Cool, quiet and it exhausts its heat out of the case, very handy for hot climates or in a case like mine with less than hurricane force airflow.
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May 11, 2009 5:41:40 PM

im not from spain :)  ..a friend of mine is there nowadays and hes bringing me one

the one u say is the single slot... i can get that for 130 €

but i can also get the dual slot version for 115 €

( )

i dont know the difference (apart from using 1 or 2 slots)
a c 179 U Graphics card
May 11, 2009 5:57:00 PM

I would go for the dual slot, the guys at Newegg seem to like it.
The cards you are looking at are the same, apart from the cooler.
a b U Graphics card
May 11, 2009 6:07:34 PM

Dual slot pro:
-Dual slot provides better cooling
-Dual slot usually expells hot air out of the case (much like I do when I start ranting)

- Render a second slot useless

Otherwise there really isn't a difference. Noise is more a function of cooler and fan quality than single or dual slot.. though usually better cooling performance of a dual slot also means it will be quieter. If you don't need the slot, and have room, there is no reason not to get a dual slot card.
May 11, 2009 6:12:53 PM

ok thx!

i also just read some reviews saying the dual slot can take more heat

anyway, my friend is coming in a couple of ill wait to that moment so maybe prices drop