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i just got a new sager computer with an i7 and a nVidia geforce 280m. i have a lot of programs that take up like maybe 1 or 2 percent of my processor usage... its frustrating i want to see this thing rip!!! it just puddles along... I've read all over that you can change the priority of a process on task manager or assign a program to 1 core but it still isnt using that much at all... Is there any way to make vista use a heck of a lot more of my CPU and make it rip, like a significant difference?
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  1. you want it to open emails faster?

    or are you just trying to tell us you have no use for the powerful computer you bought and you'd have been better off with a net top?
  2. Most cases your pc will only go as fast as your internet provider. Like have an elite pc with i7 285gtx 8gigs of ddr3 on dial-up... It just won't work out.
  3. Program loading is dependent on the amount of RAM you have and your hard drive. You haven't stated what programs you're trying to run anyway, so we can't help you much.
  4. woah yeah sorry about that lets try this again lol... im using power defragmentation (contig) <------- takes hours AML free registry cleaner <--------takes a long time avast! free home virus scan stuff <--------takes like 4 hours,
    games = very nice perfectly happy Everquest 2 extreme graphics = very yes
    its more the scan and process stuff that drags on
    intel i7 975 extreme, ram 6 gig 1333, nvidia geforce 280m

    does that make more sense

    good point on the internet speed btw going to by an n router later
  5. That's probably hard drive limited then.

    Oh, and why would you get a laptop with an i7-975?
  6. i game alot and some of my techy friends said it would be a good processor for it
    is it not good?
    what ever it does it works well and will last me a few years
  7. It's a great CPU, but terrible for a laptop. Far too power hungry and hot running. You'd usually be better off with a slower laptop for mobile use and then a desktop for gaming.
  8. Seeing as the tasks you listed all depend on the harddrive, I'm guessing thats your problem. The i7 can scan for virus quicky, but if you have to use a slow laptop harddrive, its going to slow down. The CPU is working fine as the games are great. You just have a slow hdd.
  9. good to know. any recomendation on how to speed up (or replace) the hard drive to make it faster?
  10. ^ get one of the new 160GB intel SSD's, or 2 since the Sager will take them.
  11. are they faster, do they come larger and do they do raid 0? wait a second... do you think raid is causing the problem?
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