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I have a completely dead computer with a western digital wd600 hard drive. How can I get my information off the hard driver?
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  1. Simply plug the the drive into another PC (the PC needs the older standard IDE interface) as a secondary drive and copy the information off of it? That is, if the drive is still working.
  2. Ok Thanks. Forgive me for my ingorance in this field, it's definetly not my area of expertise...but it's a very old computer (built 2001) and I currently have a brand new Dell laptap....could I buy and use an adapter (USB) to try and extract the data? Would it be that easy?
  3. You could buy an IDE-compatible external enclosure such as this one:

    ...and connect it to your laptop using a USB cable.

    Of course if the reason your old computer is dead is because the hard drive no longer works then this won't really solve your problem.
  4. Right...Well thanks for the link and assistance..I really appreciate it
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