Is my PSU messing up my Hardrives?

Hi guys

I just bought a new 1.5tb Seagate SATA2 HDD last week, and it seems that its already on its way out again. My last 500gb Seagate lasted about 3 weeks, then it was also gone. The 500 before that about 3 months. The thing is that the 250gig Samsung with my OS on works fine through all of this, and I have them connected on the same power harness coming from the PSU.

Could my PSU be the issue (I will test voltages during the weekend) or could something else couse me all this sht.

My Specs:

AMD 5400+ BE (OC 3080Mhz)
Biostar TF570SLI mobo
4 X OCZ 1g Reaper DDR2 - 1066
Corsair TX650 PSU
ATI Radeon 4870 1g
Samsung Spinpoint 250g containing OS (Vista 64 SP2)
Seagate 1.5tb

Any ideas greatly appreciated
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  1. were all of these HDD's from the 7200.11 series, if so, that may be your problem, seagate had some issues with their HDD's from the .11 line

    and btw the Corsair 650TX is a great PSU, unless there is actually something wrong with it, it wouldn't do this
  2. yeah, if you brough the drives far cheaper than other stuff then chances are its venders dumping known drives with the bad FW, a FW update flash should fix it (not recover the data if that is bad)

    seriously tho, the .11s are kinda the lemon of the bunch, .12s should be better, although some say it is not
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