Best Quad Or i7

Hey I wanna Ask you guys About whats the best pc for me ?!

I'll use the pc for gaming video editing . working , and other stuff

heres tow computers :

1 ) core to quad 9650 , PSU 600w , intel p45 , 6 gb or 8 gb RAM ddr2 , GPU ATI Hd 4890 1gb or gtx 285 , 500GB hd .
* if theres better core to quad proccessor tell me ..!!

2) core i7 920 , PSU 600w, intel DX58SO , 6 gb ddr3 at 1333MHz , gpu 4890 1gb , 500GB hd .
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  1. The 920 is the way to go, definitely.
  2. Yes, 920 is the way to go but not with motherboard. You should look for an Asus or Gigabyte motherboard instead.
  3. ^ unless they're stilling doing that $300 i7 920 + Intel mobo offer
  4. Well the only reason why he would even want to go with a non Intel mobo is for the extra PCIe slots and OCing although Intel mobos are pretty decent for OCing.

    And even without OCing a Core i7 920 will really make game video editing faster than the Q9650 would.
  5. Budget?
    What software and games will you be running?
    What is your gaming resolution?
    Where will you purchase your components?
  6. as everyone else is saying 920 is the way to go.

    If your wanting a lot of power and and fairly decant price for a cpu the 920 will be it. They my be both quad cores but with the Hyper-threading it make the cpu act like 8 cores instead of the true 4 cores.

    The core 2 quads does not have the Hyper-threading.

    I still have a Intel P4 2.8 GHz computer thats about 4 or 5 years old and still runs very good. It's so good that it can play assassin's creed which requires 2.2ghz core 2 duo. I believe it is only able to play it because of that Hyper-threading.

    So in the long run, it more worth getting the I7.
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