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I'm mid build now I have the processor installed (Massive fingerprint, going to clean with pure alcohol. What cloth do I use?) I was wondering what cooler to purchase? Because I'm video editing and will be at 90% - 100% load for 10 hours of the day. With the 1055t what is it like with stock cooling? Might purchase the Cooler Master Hyper 212 is it good what is the fitting like because i'm a noob and this is my first build


Cain :) :)
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  1. Lower end is not good enough, Jump a few. I have the NZXT M59 needs to be under 65C really when rendering.

    Any ideas...
  2. Quote:

    I like the first one because I like coolmaster, will it keep my temps rather low when rendering under 65C at full load? Does 1055t run hot?

    Going to bed will check back before work.
    Thanks for you help, speak at another time!
  3. CPU AMD can be cold use sprire thermax Eclipse or tuniq tower 120 extreme + thermal Paste AS5.. it's cooooold
    see 5 best HSF for AMD CPU :
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