Samsung F3 1 TB (whooop!) vs. WD Caviar Black 1 TB. And SG Barracuda?

Hello and thanks for your time and attention.

Western Digital and Seagate were always two reference brand names as for HDD were concerned, at least with the PC shops I used to visit not so long ago. But lately I've read comments on how good the Samsung F3 is. And also, about the peculiar sound it makes when starting to move :heink: .

Can anybody tell me:

- Opinions pro/con any of them as HDD with 1 TB. I guess none of them is awful, and probably there are other good storages. Just opinion... If you get your money from any of them, or you have a strong fanboyism streak, it wouldn't be fair - but maybe more fun ;) .
- Does having 64 MB cache mean much difference (compared to the same brand name, memory and RPM)? I've seen the ad for a WD Caviar Black 1 TB with 64MB cache, and even so I get Samsung F3 recommended :??: (Is it that good?).
- Any problems or accasional breakdowns in any of them?- Hope I'll read from you users. In a review, that doesn't show up much (and if it did, could be just a casualty). Please, experience over urban legends.

Enjoy your Black Friday purchases (no such thing were I live) :(
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  1. Seagate had a bad run on the last generation of drives but the 7200.12s seem o.k so far. I have heard good things about the F3s but they have not been around long enough to truely stand the test of time.

    The 64MB of cache is a little exessive except the most arduous disk useage.

    What you may find is that most people have horror stories regarding a particular brand but this is the case for all the major brands and just becuase you pick one that at first seems more reliable does not mean yours won't fail.

    If you want the drive for a gaming system disk, Caviar black or get an SSD. For storage the F3 or barracuda. If you are on a budget F3 or Barracuda.
    It really depends what the drive is for.
  2. Good answer; even if you're not WD happy you focus in the strong points of what you know instead of just spit a few moans, grunts, and curses.

    Thanks for your time and attention.
  3. Great! Two answers and both useful. This second answer of yours about budget vs performance is one of my concerns. I'll keep it in mind, and in time I'll tell you what happened. Thank you VERY much!
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