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AMD HS/Fan Recommendations?

Last response: in Components
July 24, 2009 7:17:05 AM

Hey all. I put together a few systems recently, and I've quickly discovered just how inadequate the stock AMD HS/Fan is for overclocking even lower wattage CPUs. Despite bothering to lap it's extruded aluminum crappiness to a flat surface, they both hover around 60C at full load, while using AS-5 and AS-Ceramique. (Gave 'em both a separate shot.)

I'm hoping to find some recommendations for aftermarket cooling solutions. Lemme give ya the run-down...

CPU List and respective coolers:

1. Phenom II X3 720 - ZEROTherm ZEN-FZ120 (This one's fine.)
2. Phenom II X2 550 - ZEROTherm BTF-80 (Stolen from CPU 4's old build, and this one's fine.)
3. Athlon X2 Kuma 7850 - Stock HS/Fan.
4. Athlon X2 5000+ Black - Stock HS/Fan. (from one of the Phenom IIs.)

What I seek is something quiet, much like the stock cooler, only more effective. I seek a "medium OC" gain of roughly +600MHz or so, while keeping the voltage around 1.4v-1.45v, max. I don't like pushing voltage to 1.5v or beyond for longevity reasons. I used to run the 5000+ at 16x200@1.425v, stable, with the BTF-80. Temps maxed at 48-50C while torturing within Prime95.

I'd go a pair of these: Thermaltake Ruby Orb for $30 each (Directron), but their width would render my OCZ ReaperHPC and G-Skill Pi RAM unusable due to their HS height.

Anyone have any suggestions? (Other than Arctic-Cooler Freezer Pro 64, please. I don't like it.)
July 24, 2009 7:37:57 AM

Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer, Scythe Mugen 2, Xigmatek Dark Knight
July 24, 2009 11:00:07 AM

I should have mentioned my height restriction for the 5000+. It's going into a slightly narrower ATX case compared to most, with just under 6" or ~150mm clearance. 7850 is going into an Antec 300, so it's tolerance is higher (~6-3/4" or 170mm).

As for your recommendations, none would fit the 5000+'s case. If I were gonna get a Xiggy, I'd get the Nepartak or RS1283 because they have quieter fans than the standard models. Still, they can hit ~30db or so, and I want something quiet(er), even at full fan-speed while under load. 1283/1284 types are a bit over-budget, too. I'm trying to stay at or below ~$30 each.

Sunbeam? Maybe if it had PWM fans like the Xiggy's do.

Mugen 2 I've looked over and it's just too massive. Just no way I'd bolt 2lbs of metal to a motherboard. My ZEN-FZ120 was heavy enough...

Two models I'm considering:
Tt TMG A1: $29.99 @
Evercool HPFA-10025: $15.99 @ Newegg (Outright steal or too good to be true?)
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