AMD HS/Fan Recommendations?

Hey all. I put together a few systems recently, and I've quickly discovered just how inadequate the stock AMD HS/Fan is for overclocking even lower wattage CPUs. Despite bothering to lap it's extruded aluminum crappiness to a flat surface, they both hover around 60C at full load, while using AS-5 and AS-Ceramique. (Gave 'em both a separate shot.)

I'm hoping to find some recommendations for aftermarket cooling solutions. Lemme give ya the run-down...

CPU List and respective coolers:

1. Phenom II X3 720 - ZEROTherm ZEN-FZ120 (This one's fine.)
2. Phenom II X2 550 - ZEROTherm BTF-80 (Stolen from CPU 4's old build, and this one's fine.)
3. Athlon X2 Kuma 7850 - Stock HS/Fan.
4. Athlon X2 5000+ Black - Stock HS/Fan. (from one of the Phenom IIs.)

What I seek is something quiet, much like the stock cooler, only more effective. I seek a "medium OC" gain of roughly +600MHz or so, while keeping the voltage around 1.4v-1.45v, max. I don't like pushing voltage to 1.5v or beyond for longevity reasons. I used to run the 5000+ at 16x200@1.425v, stable, with the BTF-80. Temps maxed at 48-50C while torturing within Prime95.

I'd go a pair of these: Thermaltake Ruby Orb for $30 each (Directron), but their width would render my OCZ ReaperHPC and G-Skill Pi RAM unusable due to their HS height.

Anyone have any suggestions? (Other than Arctic-Cooler Freezer Pro 64, please. I don't like it.)
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  1. Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer, Scythe Mugen 2, Xigmatek Dark Knight
  2. I should have mentioned my height restriction for the 5000+. It's going into a slightly narrower ATX case compared to most, with just under 6" or ~150mm clearance. 7850 is going into an Antec 300, so it's tolerance is higher (~6-3/4" or 170mm).

    As for your recommendations, none would fit the 5000+'s case. If I were gonna get a Xiggy, I'd get the Nepartak or RS1283 because they have quieter fans than the standard models. Still, they can hit ~30db or so, and I want something quiet(er), even at full fan-speed while under load. 1283/1284 types are a bit over-budget, too. I'm trying to stay at or below ~$30 each.

    Sunbeam? Maybe if it had PWM fans like the Xiggy's do.

    Mugen 2 I've looked over and it's just too massive. Just no way I'd bolt 2lbs of metal to a motherboard. My ZEN-FZ120 was heavy enough...

    Two models I'm considering:
    Tt TMG A1: $29.99 @
    Evercool HPFA-10025: $15.99 @ Newegg (Outright steal or too good to be true?)
  3. if you want good cooling that doesn't break the bank
    Don't stay with traditional air cooling

    Get the Corsair H50

    You'll have to buy the mounting bracket for AMD processors separately

    Its under $100 and will beat any air cooler while taking less space
  4. Anyone ever used one of these?

    FrostyTech seemed to like it. (Figures now that I wanna link to their site, it's down.) LOL
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