Better chipset cooling for DX58SO

I have used it for a while without having any kind of cooling directly on it, the fan on the side of the case sort of blows on it, but the temps I saw reaching 130 F(it did get to 147 at one point), decided to connect the small fan, but its a tad noisy. It keeps the temps around 95 in idle as opposed to 116, but do they make anythign quieter, maybe some kidn of after market heatsink, or a fan that fits it?
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  1. zalman ZM-NBF47 , thermaltake extreme spirit 2 :

    MCX159™ :

    But I wouldn't use a passive heatsink without decent ventilation to push/pull some air over it, though.
  2. i put 50mm fan on my chip, runs ~2000 rpm and u cant even hear it.
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