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I just joined this forum and want to thank everyone for any help they can give.I have made a bootable floppy in win 7.What I want to do is put the ntfs format command on this floppy, I know it's on the win disk somewhere.I have a win 98 bootdisk and works well with other
operating systems.It will do fat 32 drives very well,but win 7 will not load on a fat32 hard drive.Formatting does very little on cleaning hard drives.I use Dban first and then format the drive.[ just my way of doing things.]I am putting 3 velociraptors 10,000 rpm and want to change to a raid 0 config.I want to format these new hard drives before loading anything on them.They usually come fat32 anyway.I can format them after windows is loaded but,will I lose the drivers that I have installed for the raid config?I hope this is not too long winded.Thanks for you help.
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    So you want to create a RAID0 array using 3 Velociraptors. Does that mean that you will use this array as the boot device, too? Or, do you have a separate HDD to boot from, and these three will just be data storage?

    Once you use dban to wipe all old data from the drives they are empty. Then, using the RAID setup utility (maybe built into your BIOS, if that's how you are managing the RAID system) you need to assign the HDD's to a RAID array, define its type and parameters, and Create the array. That will set up the Partitions on the disks and, normally, also will actually do the Format for you so that the array is ready for use. Then you finish your boot process into Windows from your boot disk and you will then have to install the RAID driver(s) into Windows so you can start to use the new array.

    Now, IF your intent is to install Windows to the array as your boot device, the sequence is a little different, and you probably should read carefully what your mobo manual says you need to do. No doubt it will start with setting up the array with the management utility. But then you will need to install Windows from the CD, and you may need to have the RAID driver on some removable storage device (a floppy or a USB stick) ready to use under the standard Windows option to install other device drivers VERY early in the sequence (I think you use the "F6" key to do that). Once the driver is installed, the next phases of Windows Install will do the Partitioning and Formatting operations on the RAID0 array for you, before they do the actual OS installation.

    So in either case you do NOT need to Format each HDD yourself as a preliminary step.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply.Your suggestions were right on.I doubled checked and all went perfectly.Thanks again.
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