[*FINAL BUILD*] Advice please...

Hey all,
Ok, I am nearing the final stages of settling on my build, please post any advice or anything I should change. I posted my problem on another forum, and someone posted a better build than the one I originally planned on.


Should I go with the build on the first reply?

Shadowlift :hap:
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More about final build advice please
  1. yes but buy from scan, switch the ram to 3x2gb of 1333mhz corsair and switch the cooler to an akasa nero.

    oh and get a hiper 780w modular PSU so you can CF later.
  2. Ermmm... I should have explained this earlier, but this is my first build, and I don't understand much of what you said there :)

    I also live in the UK so I can't buy from places like newegg and stuff.
    Please provide links to a UK site if you can?
  3. yeah, scan.co.uk, it's a UK website which will take about £30 off what your buying.

    3x2gb of ram is the memory used and is made by corsair and runs at 1333mhz and costs £62 inc vat.

    the akasa nero is a heatsink and fan set for £28 inc VAT which has a low noise footprint but low temperature.

    and also the hiper 780w thing is a modular PSU, which means you can choose what power outputs you want it to have and it has a high enough amperage for you to use two 4890 graphics cards in your pc.
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