I have a dell 530's which graphics card do i go for?

i have a dell inspiron 530's

duel cpu E2180 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz

2GB of ram

vista 32bit

psu 250W

+3.3V | +5V | +12V | -12 | +5VSB

11A | 18A | 17A | 0.3A | 2A

im thinking about getting a 9600GT 512MB low profile card but im not sure ill be able to run it with my PSU can anyone help?


also if i cant run the 9600 i was thinking about going for the GeForce 9500 GT low profile card.....is it the best im going to get with my PSU?


any help is hugely appreciated. thanks xx
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  1. Another option would be HD4650 in low profile not at all power hungry.
  2. thanks but i need a card that will run Left 4 dead on med to high with nop problems...
  3. and im really interested in the 9600
  4. and im really interested in the 9600
  5. You would need to upgrade your PSU to run any 9600GT.
  6. Do you have the slim version of the Inspiron 530? Is that why you want a low profile card? If so, the low profile 4650 is a pretty good suggestion. It is not as powerful as the 9600GT but is much better than the 9500GT.
  7. Even if you got the 59 watt 9600 GT model that doesn't require a supplementary 6-pin power connector you would still need at least 300 watt PSU.


    Dell is notorious for putting in the skimpiest PSUs.
  8. ok so the 4650 is my best bet then? and yeah its a slim case.
  9. thanks 4 the help guys but im still not sure what to do should i just go for the 4650?
  10. I had the same problem (needed a proper video card for an Inspiron 530S, though mine has a little more under the hood*). And I went with the Sapphire low-profile 4650, and am just thrilled to death with it. It was only $55 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=N82E16814102829), runs off the installed 250W PSU without strain, runs cool and quiet, and eats up games. Installing it was a matter of downloading the latest drivers from the ATI site and popping the card in.

    I can play L4D on high no problem. Also COD4 & 5, Mercs 2 on high at 1440x1050 and getting 30+ fps, etc.

    * Mine has the Core 2 Duo E8400 w/ 3GBs. But read the reviews and see how it does on systems more like yours. (There're 91 reviews, and a majority of the purchasers seem to have been looking for a good card to fit a slim factor, off-the-shelf Dell, etc. And found it. But look for yourself.)
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