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Hi, not sure if I'm asking this in the correct section but...

I only have 1 disk on my computer, 2 partitions, one with Windows 7 64-bits and another one with Windows Vista 32-bits.

On my Windows 7 I have McAfee, but I have no idea what to do on my Windows Vista.

I've always heard having 2 antivirus in one PC is a big NO-NO, but considering the fact that I'm installing in a different partition, with a different Operating System, would it be ok?

Again sorry if this is the wrong section.
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  1. It sounds like you have set your system to boot to W7 OR to Vista. You have installed an anti-virus program to W7. And you want to install an anti-virus program into your Vista-based system. You can and should. Boot into Vista and install the program.

    You don't want to install two anti-virus programs into one operating system because they will often conflict and cause problems or conflicts in the operating system.
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