AMD Phenom II X4 955/965 Mobo Recommendation

Hello all. I'm looking for some help in choosing a new motherboard. I'm getting ready to upgrade my PC with a new CPU, Mobo and Ram. The CPU I have picked out is either going to be an AMD Phenom II X4 955 or 965, I haven't decided which yet. As for ram I would like to go DDR3 unless anyone can give me reason not to. I've got an Nvidia gtx 260 video card so I won't require the use of onboard graphics. I've also got a thermaltake toughpower 650w power supply that I'm hoping will still be sufficient for my new system. Lastly I will more than likely be installing Windows 7 64 bit, not sure if that is relevant to my question or not just figured I would mention it. I have built my last 3 systems and have always went AMD for my CPU and with an Asus mobo, but would be willing to try a different brand of mobo. Thanks in advance to anyone out there who may respond. :)
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  1. The PSU is sufficient for what you're planning to run. I'm not familiar with AMD processors and which mobos are best for them, but you can check out the October 2009 System Builder's Marathon and see what mobos they used. In any case, another article on the main site concludes that DDR3 isn't really worth the additional cost. Sorry if I can't provide links, as I forgot where both articles are located, but you can bet the info you need is on the main site.
  2. any >=785G from asus and gb
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