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First time here, hope I'm not in the wrong section...
I need suggestions on WC system.... Budget around USD 330 or MYR 1200..... I'm from Malaysia....

Area of cooling : processor and north bridge

Reason : North Bridge d@mn :hot: , processor not hot though.. But since want to install WC system already, why not add processor in the WC system as well right? Due to budget reason, cannot afford to add GC into the list......

Desktop spec
Mobo : ASUS M4A78-E
Proc : AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750
RAM : Kingston KVR 1GB x 2
GC : ASUS EAH 4770 GDDR5 512 MB
PSU : CM EP 500W

I here have a suggestion from a person who sells WC kits...

Item List :-
DTEK Fuzion V1 = RM230
EK NB S-MAX North bridge cooler = RM220
Swiftech 2 x 120mm radiator = RM230
XSPC reservoir w/ built in pump = RM300
9 feet Duralene (more than enough with plenty of extras) = RM90
8 x 1/2" barbs (for CPU WB, NB WB, Reservoir, Radiator) = RM80
2 x Scythe 120mm SlipStream SY1225SL12SH - 110 CFM (37 dba) = RM100

TIM Consultants T-C Grease™ 0098 (2.5 gram syringe) = RM40

Total = RM1290

Feel free to modify the item list...
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  1. If you haven't bought the WC system yet, why not just get a chipset cooler first?
  2. Honestly the stock NB heat sink dissipate( please correct me if I'm wrong ) quite well..
    I mean when I switch off the desktop.. Within 3 minutes the heat sink become cool...
    But the desktop was running 24/7 .... xD :sweat:

    The desktop was placed at a corner living room with a window there....
    The living room now kinda hot and I planning WC so that I can cool the hot water outside the living room..
    Although my desktop placed near the window, I can't open the window when I'm away because security issue. Here is not very safe to let the window open when you're away....
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