My computer screen has gone weird
I have done some research and the possibilities ive come up with are, a problem with graphics driver (i have the most up-to-date driver), failing graphics card(nvidia 8500GT), problem with icon cache, or possibly a virus. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this cause it is extremely annoying. I have a BenQ T2200HD monitor if that is any help.

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  1. In case you can't find a solution, just backup the important data from your system drive... format it and reinstall windows xp.

    I'd rule out video drivers or the video card.

    To me it looks like all the transparent parts of the icons are now black.
    If that's your only problem try to repair windows... no format. If that fails to fix it, then format.
  2. fixed it. changed the input to the DVI input, other input must have been damaged... thanks for your time
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