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ok guys im woundering i ran prime 95 for 12 hrs on dimm ddr3 slot 1 everything passes so does the other stick i have 1333 g-skill mem with a gigabyte ma790xt-ud4p with phnome 2x 4 955 when i run both stick of mem skot 1 and 2 and run prime 95 it locks up is the slot 2 bad or is the mem getting hot i dont know im looking to get a msi 790fx board monday well i hope someone could help me out thanks ppl
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    mathew, you need to limit yourself to a single post here. You have this question twice and another one once. Keep them all in the same thread as long as they're memory related.

    And please punctuate. I can't really tell what you're asking here. If you're getting a replacement board, why not wait for it and test the memory in it?
  2. thanks i might have it fixed the mem might not be comparable with my board because all mem has a spd in then a controll and my board doesnt reginize it thanks i didnt mean to post two didnt know what i was doing
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