The last ever 'Will this fit' :)

Right, I have been spending 1 - 2 weeks looking at CPU Coolers. Getting stressed because the stock cooler is always looking at me... :)


NZXT M59 (WxDxH): 19 cm x 44.9 cm x 50.8 cm

Noctua NH-D14 (WxDxH): 14 cm x 13 cm x 16 cm

Can someone tell me how to work this out and is it going to fit, thanks guys :)
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  1. I will make the answer simple and say yes it will fit.
    Why? because the width of your case (that's the distance from the side where you mount the mobo to the side door) is bigger than any of the dimentions of the cooler...which means it will fit...maybe it will be a close fit...but the coolers are always designed to fit any nid sized tower to nything bigger than that...they might even fit in to some small towers as well...

    So, my answer is yes it will fit...and to install it correctly, look in the little booklet that would come with the cooler it will show you how ... good luck ;)
  2. Thanks, so when I look at dimensions Im looking at the depth?
  3. ^+1

    How to know if the cooler fit?

    Case width: 19cm
    Cooler high: 16cm

    If your case has side fan, the cooler won't fit.
  4. you would noramlly remove the side fan if the cooler doesn't fit...
    that's what I had to do to fit my V8 into another coler master case...
    My antec had the option of the side fan but didn't directly come with it
    so I didn't have to remove anything there...
  5. My V9 has the same option, but I prefer change the case for a better one that add a new fan.
  6. yeah that would be same
  7. Okay I have a side case fan like your all talking about, tried to remove it but there are no screws. Will take a second look after I was my big mac down :)

    Also will touching the inside of the case ground me? If not I'm screwed :)
  8. To ground yourself, touch the power supply but the inside of the case would probably do it too...if you don't have screws holding the fan it is probably held on by plastic hooks or something similair of a design...but in any case, should be possible to some off...
  9. I hope touching the case for 3 seconds is enough, because I have not ordered the PSU yet... The fan holder looks weird. I have pushed pulled squeezed to no avail. I will find a picture to give you more information.
  10. I think you should be fine...and yeah sometimes it's incredibaly hard to take off a cooler that is held on by something other than screws...look closelyfor any kind of attachment system...but I'm pretty sure it should be possible to take off...
  11. Yes it has a centre stict with 4 plastic rods coming off... I will find a image. Check bad soon.
  12. alright...I'll see if it's anything I dealt with so
  13. Second time round still no idea what to do. The D14 cooler still might fit, not ordered it yet but I think that should be the next order if I does not fit then I will think about it. Right now I'm not to worried.
    Thoughts on the Noctua NH-D14?
  14. I recently raed some stuff about it and it seems to be a really nice cooler...It would beat most f the other coolers out friend has one and it cools his xeon really I would definately recommend it... ;)
  15. Well on there website I can't see my motherboard, The ASUS M4N75TD I hope it's compatible. I mean it's AM3. Maybe they left it out?
  16. It shoudl fit...because the socket is the same...all the am3 sockets have the mounting holes in the same you should be fine...
  17. I hope you don't mind helping me because your helping me alot, I appreciate (Spelling lol) it man.
    What do you think of the cooling then :)
    Front of the case 1x Intake fan
    Side panel 1x Intake (The one I can't remove lmao)
    Top of the case 1x Intake 1x Exhaust
    Back of case 1x Exhaust.
  18. That cooling should suffice what ever you are gonna do...and if you end up taking the side intake fan off, you should put it in the front so you will have two intakes in the front...which should be even nicer...
  19. Only one intake at the front. I'm video editing you sure this is enough? Also with the latest hard drives I'm not sure what I need. Sata cable and how do I power it? (Im talking about new hard drives not the old ones with the massive wire lol)
    Thanks mate
  20. yeah a sata cable...and you should have a sata power connecotr on your power supply as well...and I'm pretty sure about it being enough I do video rendering myself and have a similar setup and it cools really well...I had a phenom II X4 and a gtx 285...and it cooled really well... Now I have a xeon 6-core and it still cools really well...except I have two intake fans in the front...
    I have Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas rendernig 100% very often...
  21. Yes I hope this system is strong give it a look over:
    Noctua NH-D14
    2GB DDR3 to save money upgrade to 12GB if it's compatible
    GTX 460 or 470
    850w PSU
    So when I get the hard drive find a sata cable and a sata power. 100% sure? Want me to link you to the HDD?
    Thanks again mate.
  22. Go with 2x2GB, 2GB isn't enough and the rig that you are building need it. The PSU is overkill, even if you want Crossfire or SLI a 750W PSU is enough.
  23. 750w sounds good save me money, I said that I would see if it boots and works the second it does I will buy me 12GB :)
  24. I don't want SLI so I will just get 700w from corsair.
  25. yeah that 700 watt will do you fine...I ran a crossfire on a 650W and it ran you should also be fine...the hard drive will fit perfectly long as it's sata II...

    and you definately need that need quite a bit of ram for fast rendering... 12gb is actually quite nice...
  26. The Samsung Spinpoint F3 is much better:

    Regarding the connectors, you don't need it because all PSUs comes with it.
  27. hey saint19, how is that better if you don't mind my asking? the western digital has 64mb of cache and the Samsung has only 32mb and the Wester digital has a dual data processor or whatever you call it that helps reading a bit faster than other hard drives...
    I don't know, I have a wd black caviar and it works well enough for me not to complain...I never had the Spinpoint wondering in which way it is better...

    And yes those connectors would work...and yes the power supply comes with the sata power connector but the hard drive might not come with the sata connector and if your motherboard didn't come with one as well then you'll need to buy one...the normal sata connector is the red one on the left in the picture...
  28. Right, the WD has 64MB cache but the seeking times, read times and writing times are more slower that Spinpoint F3. Both are build using 2x500GB plates, but the WD is a green edition, so, is a 5400rpm variable to 7200rpm, while the Spinpoint F3 is a rated 7200rpm HD.
  29. Oh he posted a green edition...I didn't notice, I thought he posted the caviar black...
    if it's the green then yeah you're absolutely right...He would benefit more from that spinpoint or a seagate...
    greens are too slow I know that from are a pain...
  30. Thanks for putting me right :) Just ordered the Noctua D14 or whatever should be fun fitting that :) I just hope this works for me otherwise 6 months of saving gone. Next noob questions coming soon :) OH WAIT I THOUGHT OF ONE :) Since I'm video editing I want things quick, Thinking of installing OS and programs onto a SSD 60GB. Then have a 1TB where I can render the videos to...Anything which could go wrong here?
  31. Nothing, just be sure of install the OS on AHCI mode.
  32. saint19 said:
    Nothing, just be sure of install the OS on AHCI mode.
    I have no idea what that means, dude I'm a complete newb to PC building. You may think thats easy but to me it's like finding Chuck Norris.
  33. :lol: go to your BIOS, look for Hard Drive configuration, ther you can see three options: IDE, AHCI and RAID, select the 2nd one press F10 to save and start to install the OS.
  34. Right, On first boot press del go into BIOS find Hard Drive configuration then install the OS...Correct? Then when all that is done can Install the other hard drive or will I get some error?
  35. no you shouldn't have any errors it will work fine...and yes...go into the bios, find hard drive configuration, change it to AHCI mode, then save your bios configuration and install windows...
  36. 60GB SSD Should be enough I think for all my stuff then use another hard drive for videos and things of that nature. Noctua is on the way :)
  37. Yeah, I have a 64GB SSD with 12GB free space, not games installed on it.
  38. Also found some awesome Ram: kingston khx1600c9d3k3/12gx. It is 12GB DDR3. Since it's only 3 sticks I will have one more stick of some corsair ram total if this all works of 12GB + 2GB = 14GB DDR3 Ram. This will work right. My motherboard allows 16GB of space so...
  39. It might work together and might not...depending on the specs of the different ram...if the voltage timings and speed are the same it will work...if not, then it might not work...and if it doesn't then that's not that big of a deal...

    so keep us posted...when you get all the stuff and try it out...
  40. Having a looks on the ASUS website I can't find that RAM anywhere so maybe it's not compatible but it should be. Any ideas?

    Only £17 RAM but I could of got something else with that, it's cheap RAM and claims it's compatible with most Motherboards maybe ASUS only but more expensive ram on there site.
  41. The motherboard manufacturers don't always put all the ram in their compatibility list...
    However in real life almost any ram will run in your motherboard as long as

    1. it's the same ddr standard (if mobo is ddr3 so is ram)
    2. if the speed, timing, and voltage settings are set to the recommended settings from the ram manufacturer

    So most likely it will work in your board...and if you think it's a really nice deal then get
  42. The 12GB Ram is £98 and I already have 2GB so will order that after I have installed the Noctua. Then PSU with HDD and SSD then RAM and windows 7. Nearly there can't wait might make a video on first boot so you call all laugh when some goes wrong knowing me it will lmao.
  43. a video will be very interesting...I'd love that... but I don't think if something's gonna go wrong it's gonna be'll probably be something small and wish you luck... ;)
  44. Worried about the static mostly and making sure I wire things up correctly. Only realised that I sold my desk for my desktop when I did a small experiment... Thought putting the Computer in a freezer would keep temps low...until the CPU cracked in half...Lucky it was only a single core seperon. :D Also going to buy myself 2 - 3 HannsG screens nice little editing suite i'm building should render HD videos under 20 min HOPEFULLY.
  45. under 20 mins depending on the length of video and what effects you put on to rendering time depends on format and encoding of your actual video..
    So even on my xeon in After effects a very massive project could take a while to render...In vegas it would render probably close to real time...depending on all of those factors earlier mentioned...
  46. I make Call Of Duty videos

    10 - 15 Min
    Recorded at 8MPBS ( Not sure what the thing is but looks something like that MBPS?)
    Render at around 8 as well 2 effects.
    under 20 min or around there?
  47. Oh you're not doing really massive projects...yeah that would probably render out pretty fast...and yes its mbps (megabits per second)
    My videos range from 16-24 mbps and full hd 1920 X 1080 so topped with effects and other stuff rendering could take a while...I just do cinema style movies...but home made...and only shorts right now...
  48. Estimated time? Do you like SSD's I will only put my editing software and OS on there though.
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