Could a CPU over clock causing constant crashing?

Could a rather large CPU overclock cause my computer to crash to the desktop? Also causing other weird things to happen?
I have a AMD Athlon II 445. Its natural clock speed is at 3 GHZ, and I increased it to 3.48 GHZ. I didn't add any voltage to it, so I figured that could be why. Some of things that it does is; Cause any sound coming out of speakers to be all crackling :o ,(I have a mac a-like dock on my desktop) and whenever it crashes out of a game the dock won't do any of the animations and the icons go all screwy, Google Chrome will constantly crash. Could the OC be causing this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Does it crash when it's running at stock 3.0GHZ?
  2. It could for sure. Instability causes programs to have errors as the necessary data is being corrupted.

    Anytime you overclock, test it out! Run Prime95 or OCCT or any other burn test and keep an eye on temps while you're at it with HWMonitor and Real Temp (or Core Temp or Speed Fan, etc)
  3. Thanks, I downclocked my CPU back to stock and it seems fine now. No crashing or anything. The thing about the data being corrupted makes a lot of sense too. I guess my CPU is just not as well of an Overclocker as most of them. And for some reason in OS programs like HWmonitor or speed fan etc, they report it to be REALLY low temps. Im wondering if the temp pin on the CPU could be faulty.

    Anyway, Thanks for your help(s)
  4. Your Welcome, You can try bumping the cpu voltage in small increments until stable but not exceeding the max/safe voltage . But like Wolfram32 stated keep an I on temps when testing.
  5. Could be the ram if all you did was bump the clock up to 224...
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