Can I check temp. on video card

Im going to make this question quick because I am about to watch a movie with my girlfriend. So, please excuse any typos. :bounce:

I just bought a new HIS ATI RADEON HD 4770 for my new Intel 530. Most people consider this to be a small computer case. I know people can check the temperture of their motherboard. Although, I dont know how. (If anyone can tell me how to I would greatly appreciate it) But can you check the temperture of the Video Card itself? If so, how? Do I need a program or can I pull it up through the computer?

How do I check core temperture of motherboard?

Can I check the temperture of the video card? and how?
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  1. Motherboard.... no

    CPU ... Try 'CoreTemp'
    Video Card ... Try 'RivaTuner'
  2. Look up a free program called Speed fan. It supports most sets of motherboard sensors, takes a little setting up but if your board hads the sensors then it will report the temps for just about everything.
    Or this

  3. ATI Catalyst Software (also included in the installation cd) has this feature:
  4. GPU-Z for the video card.
    A case sensor for the motherboard surface temperature if you have one.
  5. SWI is a great program as it checks all temps.
  6. I second SWI. Monitors all temperatures in my PC accurately.
  7. I downloaded the Speedfan program as it was the easiest to find. The program is very easy to set up and easy to read. Although, this program is not set up for novices. You really have to know what your doing to do any tweaking in this program. I am too afraid to tweak anything but it gives tempertures and even lets you know if it think something is running a little hot or colder than usual.
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