New here,need help!

Hello,I decided to make a new gaming pc and I'd like to spend about 1000-1200 euros on it.I live in Greece so prices may be higher than UK or US.

Here is the 2 systems I've been suggested to build:

1.Dual core system

2.i7 system

Can you tell me what you think about the graphics card?Which one is better for the price?

And also what do you think of each system overall and if I should take the i7 over the dual core(or wait a few years).

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  1. Edit:I don't intend to overclock my system.Also I will only upgrade my tower and I'll be using a Bravia HD 40' and a 15" sony LCD as monitors.So all the money goes to the tower :)
  2. for the price the HD 4890 is much more bang for your buck.

    I7 over E8500 for sure, better at almost everything.

    Also, if you do get the i7 system you should get a ddr3 mem kit with 3 sticks so you can take advantage of the triple channel memory.

    If you are pleased with whatever computer you have now, id say wait, prices will come down on i7.

  3. @daidalas:thnx for your answer and for wishing me good luck in greek(greek too?:P) :D

    Well,I currently have a P4 2,5 ghz 2x256mb ram,ati radeon 9250 128mb...horrible system,almost unbearable!

    So should I wait like 3 months or more?What would you do?

    The truth is that I have ps3 so I could wait a bit if it is for a serious price drop!
  4. RDreamer, No i'm not greek, just friendly :D

    If you have the money now and cant stand your old P4 (man thats old!) I'd say go for the new computer now!!! Don't think the prices will drop enough to justify the wait.

    Everything you have in your build looks good, cept for the ram, go for 3 or 6 gigs.

    Also you may want to get an aftermarket heatsink, even if your not planning to overclock to increase the life of the system. I7s run hot!

    xigmatek dark knight is a good option.

    and ram something like this, just check the timings, the lower the better.
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