How do you specify a different file name

How do I rename a file with a name already specified exists and specify a

different file name.
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  1. I don't understand. just right-click a file and select rename. You can't use an existsing file name from that folder. It has to be unique. If there is already a file with that name, rename it first, then rename the current file.
  2. Hawkeye, what I'm trying to do is remove the text from under my start screen icons
    and Alt 255 doesn't work, computer keeps saying files with a name already specified
    exists and to specify a different file name, a lot of my ions have shortcuts that I can't
    seem to remove, you got some kind of idea on how to change this.
  3. Alt 255 won't work, because all desktop items are in your desktop folder. Files withing the same folder can't have the same name. A shortcut should have the little arrow symbol in the bottom left corner. If it doesn't, it's an actual copy of a program or file within the desktop folder. Either way, you should be able to delete the file from the desktop. What is the error you are getting when you try to delete them?

    The text under the icon is the actual file name or shortcut name. They must be unique and I don't think you can get rid of them. Why would you want to? What if two or more programs or shortcuts use the same icon on the desktop? You wouldn't know which is what?
  4. OK,Hawkeye I understand but how do I remove the shortcuts and place the files
    back in there original folders, I'm somewhat of a novice computer user I believe
    I put those most of the shortcuts on not knowing what I was doing, the reason I want the text from under the icons is because it looks neat, I know it's nothing else
    with those files The cuts were mistakes.

    By the way Hawkeye is a cool username, I'm Gmoney57!
  5. Deleting a shortcut doesn't delete the program or file it's pointing at, just the shortcut itself. You should just be able to click on a shortcut and hit the delete key or right click the shortcut and select delete.

    If the icon on the desktop isn't a shortcut, then you will need to move it back to it's original folder. open a copy of explorer where you would normally view files. Run it windowed so you can see your desktop. Right click on the program icon on your desktop and select "cut". Now put your cursor on the explorer window - make sure you are the correct folder - right click and select "paste" and it should put the program into that folder. If you make a mistake, you can drag-n-drop that file from explorer back to your desktop.
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