Gaming Build ~1600$

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: By the end of the week

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, coding, video editing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: PSU Antec signature 850w I got it for cheap from a friend. Dont need a mouse or a keyboard either


PARTS PREFERENCES: CPU e8500 NZXT TEMPEST Looks great, plus free card reader comboed


MONITOR RESOLUTION: Looking for a 22 inch, not sure what resolution, will be adding a second some time in the future

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking for a very strong single graphics card, no crossfire or SLI, please. Looking for a fan controller. 64 bit vista. I need a wireless card compatible with 64 bit vista. Also want a tv tuner. Would like to have room for a sound card for sometime in the future.

Your input would be greatly appreciated
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  1. why e8500 instead of i7 920???
  2. Would an i7 really be that much better for my needs? Im not going to be doing any heavy compiling, just a little. Also, i should have been more clear on the tv tuner, I just wanted something with composite and s-video input, so I can record xbox gameplay, would AVerMedia AVerTVHD work?
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