OCing i7-2600k (LGA1155) hmmmmm?

Well just threw together my new rig, with my i7-2600k

The processor denotes that it has "turbo boost technology" to 3.8ghz , well i went into the bios and set to a 4.0 OC.
System is reading @3.4 then to the side of it it denotes 3.9. My cpu z shows the processor is at 3.4. I am just a bit confused is there something i have to disable in bios? I am running a p67-a-ud7 from gigabyte.

here is my CPU Z http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1606641
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  1. I followed all of that , but am still really confused. My multiplier in the BIOS is set to 4.0GHZ and programs like CPUZ and Coretemp are not reflecting the new multiplier at all. Is there a reason for this ?
  2. Gah i feel like an idiot, the first think i should have done was get the new CPUZ for sandy bridge kit. Here is the new cpuz.

  3. also psycho do you have your vcore on auto or are you manually setting it for your Overclocks ?
  4. cool . Well i think i figured this out. Gonna run some benchmarks over night , probably an 8 hour occt and see how this goes.
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  6. by the way what is the thermal limit for these chips?
  7. Wow!!! Well i did a 4.0 stability test 4 four hours , completed it ,


    So crazy how easy it was, took me weeks to find the sweet spot on my 965 BE.
    I wanna try 4.5 here soon.
  8. im having some trouble getting through some stress testing with my current x42 multiplier , i have my vcore in bios at 1.36 . Should i keep going up in vcore ?
  9. my bios version ? F3a
  10. is your current OC at 1.320v would you say under volted or high for that OC? im just trying to get a good foot hold on the vcore .
  11. hmmm is there a 64 bit version ?
  12. hmm when i downloaded it and tried to execute i got a compatibility error
  13. or do i have to update in order lol ?
  14. yeah im getting a specific incompatible with windows 64 bit. hmmm
  15. i just tried to update my @bios and it keeps messing up. Not updating "stopped working" ...ugh
  16. i dont know why it keeps freezing ><
  17. 4.6 Ghz seems to be easily doable with stock cooler (See Guru3D Sabertooth review)
  18. I tried it manually with the @bios program, @bios is up to date, but when i try updating from a gigabyte server or use the actual file to update using the @bios program , it says "program not responding" etc. I have not tried the flash drive.
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