Is overclocking 8gb of transcend jetram DDR2-800, possible?

Running all this on a Gigabyte mobo P35-DS3R, Q9300 Intel Quad Core O/clocked to 3Ghz. Machine is sluggish, would be good to know if I can tweak the memory, 4x2Gb's Transcend Jetram DD2-800.
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  1. Yes, but even large changes to memory speed and latency aren't going to make your system run faster when it's sluggish.

    Most likely you should clean it up by reformatting and re-installing Windows. The junk in the OS is a big slug factor.
  2. I know the mobo lets you do so... regarding whether or not your memory can be overclocked, I wouldn't know. You can try OCing and see for yourself though.
  3. Ta for the prompt response guys.

    @mongox: yeah - had the OS running for about a year now. Vista-64bit business installed onto a RaidSet of Seagate-500's. Always been a little apprehensive to do any overclocking, though I know mostof the gear is factory prepped to handle it. Only recently adjusted FSB to get the CPU up from 2.5 > 3.0 Ghz. I do have lots of games installed - lol - probably the reason why the slug factor has been creeping in.

    @r-manic: I'm just intching to try myself, but I don't want a mini-nuke cloud wafting out ma tower ;) thought I'd ask here an see if anyone has tried a CL setting that is stable on a dual channel config.
  4. Lith,
    I'm no OC guru, just played around with it a bit because I got the Phenom 550 Black which has some easy to OC features. There are so many ways to go around the OC process, using CPU clock muliplier, bus multiplier, RAM speed and latency, etc... And not only forums here dedicated to it but whole websites. You will find that sometimes they speak their own language - hard to jump in with simple questions.

    Basically, you might try this. Keep in mind, I use AMD and you use Intel. Get a copy of CPUz from for basic info about your system. You'll want CPU HW Monitor and Prime95 at some point too.

    The first thing to do is make sure your memory is running at the right voltage. Look up the specs on the RAM, from their website, and compare to what your BIOS is sending to the DRAM. Match those numbers.

    Note what speed your RAM is running at. Should show on POST and in CPUz. If it's 800, great. And 400 is actually 800, it's DDR Dual Data Rate, doubles the number.

    If you've adjusted the bus, you may find that your RAM is already been boosted in speed. That's how it is on my board.

    Next look at the Latency, the timings. Read the SPD info in CPUz, compare it to the Memory listing. If the numbers are higher than the SPD for a given speed, see what you can do to adjust them in the BIOS. If not higher, you might see if you can lower them a little. For example, if you're running at 5-5-5-25 now, might try 4-4-4-16. The SPD info for latency at 267 speed might guide you on what numbers to try.

    Use the Prime95 to stress test your system, running a hardware monitor to make sure your cpu temps don't go thru the roof - they will rise a fair bit. Memtest86 is also good for testing memory specifically.

    Here's a useful article

    And of course, lots of info here are Tom's in the forums and elsewhere on this subject, look around and read some threads that sound similar.
  5. Hmm. Mongox that sounds like good advice. Will definately dL those tools. I must be honest - AMD was always my platform, but decided to try Intel on this last buy. What i loved and miss about AMD was that you can severally abuse them with OC and they are quite forgiving. Been too nervous to try any fancy stuff with the Intel/Transcend partnership. Gonna trawl the threads now, so again, thanks.
  6. The resources available to you particular to Transcend may be more limited than those found with more popular RAM modules like OCZ and G.Skill. For example, G.Skill has a fairly active forum moderated by employees - who do answer questions about OC - and I post there myself sometimes. Transcend also has a forum but it doesn't seem too active, the most recent post there is from Feb 2009.
    But heck, they might have someone just dying to answer some questions!

    Another source of info is the comments on large reseller sites like Newegg. Those posts often talk about OC and how well the users got the specs working. Just have to keep in mind that someone with problems is much more likely to post than those who are satisfied. So look up your RAM model and similar Trans modules and see if there's any good info.
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