why does my files keep opening on new windows. and why does it has like cracked on the folder image. what happen to the original files ? and Idk. im confuse right now. The files are read-only. the originals i think is hidden or something. and whenver i try to delete the read-only files. they keep coming back. I really don't know whats happening ? Then, whenever i uncheck the hidden and read-only files. the original files appears, then it changed into hidden again. D:< gosh.

I use windows XP. and i dont know what the hell is wrong.
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  1. In what program do your files open in new windows? Why are you trying to delete read only files, where are those files and what files are those?
  2. just files like songs and stuff lol. they are at (D) storage. Idk, because the original file that you dont have to open it in new window is better ? lol.
  3. If you right-click on a file go to properties you can change the read only. Also you can delete files with this:
    Make sure you don't delete system files. In My Computer/Tools/Folder options the "Do not show hidden files and folders" should be checked.

    In the General tab in "Folder options" you have "Open each folder in same window", check that.
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