So what is the best overclocking utility of 2011?

So what is the best overclocking utility of 2011? I kno many gamers,animators,hacker(optional though),and other few people out there want to overclock their PC!!
but sometimes when the overclocking is not stable ur pc hardware may get burn or damaged!!(and then comes cost of money and ***!)

well I am asking all those PC godfathers out there that could U prescribe the best overclocking utility for PCs! I mean all PCs A-Z!
{and I hope this software is free cause all will want it!!!}

and well some guys may also not able to overclock cause they r scared of getting the damage but if this utility is the best then this OVERCLOCKING UTILITY will be best of all and best for all!

So answere the best one out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. Its free with every working mobo, its called the BIOS (Basic Input Output System), However some BIOS's don't allow overclocking.

    If your overclocking a graphics card then MSI Afterburner is awesome (and free)

    Other awesome and Free utilities that aid in overclocking:
    Hardware Monitor
    Prime 95
    Intel burn test (IBT)
    MSI Kombuster
    Memtest x86

    I'm sure there's loads more....
  2. ^^ Agreed, well said, Bios is the best and safest, just get to know it..
  3. well ill download all of them and give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The BIOS is the best way to overclock if you have access to it. Some motherboards, however, do not access to the overclocking portion of the BIOS.

    Nearly all of the utilities in omg's above list have nothing to do with the actual overclock. They are utilities for system testing and monitoring.
  5. You don't use overclocking "utilities" unless your a noob.

    You overclock via the motherboards bios.
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