ST3160318AS can this hard-disk be regenerated

ST3160318AS can this hard-disk be regenerated
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  1. What do you mean by regenerated? Was it damaged or become defective and you need to recover data from it? Or, was it reformatted/re-partitioned by mistake and you need to recover data? Please clarify.
  2. iam getting message that ur 3rd master hard disk status is bad backup and replace and initially when i start my computer it gets loaded upto welcome screen and then it gets restarted automatically and this happens many times and some times it gets loaded up with no problems and sometimes with of lots of error mesages and then my os gets loaded up so wat do i have to do now plz give an effective and working solution
  3. How many HDDs do you have in your system? Also, are you using a RAID?

    If only one HDD, that disk is failing and needs to be replaced. I understand better now about your issue, but need more info.
  4. Is this the OS disk? If so, you might need to run a Windows repair-install. Check back with us if you need directions.
    If not the OS disk, then back-up your data and then run a low-level format of the HDD, followed by a format in NTFS or whatever filesystem you use. Again, check back here if need details.
  5. my PC contains only one hard disk but that has an option of RAID but i have never used it my system is in native mode but i wanna know wats RAID this option is present in my HDD it has options like RAID,LEGACY,NATIVE wat do these options mean and y r they used for i wanna know plz let me and yes its the OS Disk and windows Repair install means by inserting XP CD and Press R rite and plz let me know even this that wats Low level formatting and how should i perform it and my system uses NTFS File system plz let me know

    Awaiting ur reply at the earliest

    Thank u
  6. You can try inserting that hard disk to another computer then copy all important files. Regenerate is like giving life temporarily so you can transfer important files to another good hard disk. You can use a regenerate software or you do my advice above.
  7. First thing you need to do is a backup copy of all your important files. You can use an external HDD for that.
    Then try running the repair , yes it is done by booting from the XP CD and choosing the repair option when it starts installing. If should ask you in the wizard if you want to repair an existing installation of Windows, at that point you select that option and on next page you select the one (and only) Win installation you already had; that should be recognized as such by the wizard and therefore displayed as an option.
    Then follow the wizard instructions. Get back here if running into issues.
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