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hey all, have just recently had my TEC water cooler leak or condensate onto my gfx card, cant see a leak and idle much lower than ambient, i have installed 2 switches so i can turn off the TEC's fan and the TECs them selves, am unsure or ilde temps for this chip but im idling now about 38 deg c if i switch on fans and tecs it drop about 10 deg (when i play games ect.) is 38 fine for a not hot or cold day.
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  1. ???
  2. I suppose You have Tec to cool water. In which case temps are probably OK.

    I had different setup in days of Athlon XP. I had 260 W TEC to cool cpu and output of Tec was cooled by water.

    Overclocked it was sub zero at boot, bios showing 0C and when under 100% load it was going to 8-10 C
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