Is this a good build? Any help would be great, first time build here.


Thermaltake Armor +MX (Already have it sitting in my room, so it can't be changed)


Biostar TA790GX XE



(Or any other recommendations you may have)


AMD Phenom 9950 Agena 2.6GHz

I don't know if it matters but, the thermal paste I was going to get is this:


G.SKILL PI Black 4GB (Not sure on this one..)


WD Caviar Black (500GB - 1TB, whatever I can afford in the end; maybe another brand as well? Not sure.)


The one I have in mind is an OCZ Fatal1ty (550w Modular for $45 after rebate)

Or should I get the 700 watt version?

DVD Drive:

Samsung 22x DVD Burner w/ Lightscribe

Graphics Card

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870


23" 1080p Acer

64-bit Vista Home Premium as well, or should I go 32 bit?

Ok, so main things I wanted checked was the RAM, Mobo, and PSU, and help and tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I would go with the Gigabyte motherboard. In fact, it has a combo deal for $40 off with that processor.

    I would also replace the stock heatsink on the processor. The Xigmatek HDT-S1283 would do well. The thermal paste you chose will be fine, but most people here recommend Arctic Silver 5 or MX-2.

    With 4gb of ram, go 64 bit vista

    I'd go with a 550W corsair PSU, $70 after rebate. It is a very good quality psu, and will be fine unless you plan on doing a crossfire setup.
    The OCZ 550W psu would probably be good as well, though.

    The ram you chose is good. This corsair 4gb set would save some money, but the ram you chose has better timings.

    I would suggest the WD Black 640gb, it has excellent performance.
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