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I have XPS L501X with GT 435M. I recently tried overclocking it. I used MSI Afterburner to overclock it. The
default clock speed was 650/800. I overclocked it to 735/890 and Ran Kombustor for 3 Hours stably.

But the GPU Temperature was at 96C. Is it acceptable? My system did not encounter any lock up or freeze after playing Crysis for 4 hours or so, and temperature ranged from 90 - 96 C. Should I reduce the Clock speed? or is it acceptable and continue with it?
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  1. If it has no artifacting then that's ok...although kinda pushing it I'd could pick up the fan speed a bit higher or just lower the oc a little...just a little though...
    check to see what temps you get on stock though...if they are close to these then there wouldn't be much diference (intemps) lowering if stock temps are pretty close to the overclocked ones...just keep it oced the way it is right now...
  2. 96C is way above what I'd ever accept, though I believe most GPU's are able to get to 105C before shutting down or causing damage.
  3. The temperature in stock clocks never crossed 82C.... Even putting the Clock to 760/930 didnt cross 96C, but when it reaches 96, I experience lock up and stuttering... So I have kept in 735/890 like before.... And since this is a new system and less than 21 days, I have asked for a refund since I am experiencing overheat( :sol: ;) )
    The people at Dell were like :ouch: :o ... Because I have already changed 3 systems in last 2 Years Lol....
  4. they were probably wondering where you get the
  5. videl said: they were probably wondering where you get the

    :sol: :D Really I love Dell's REplacement policy.... And the technicians who come for repair doesnt know a clue what is happening.. I had 4 engineers visit for the laptop and I had better knowledge than them.. They just said what I wanted, to their head office and helped in replacing 3 systems.... Long live Dell :love:
  6. As good as it is to get a new laptop or whatever after you've fried it, simply because their staff is ***.. it'll bite you in the arse when you do actually need help with it and the same idiots come to your house and have no idea.

    *hates dell*
  7. In the last week I've read at least ten posts of people flashing bios to different model,dead video card, overvolting and frying, overclocking and frying, dead cpu etc.

    Almost all RMA under warranty saying the manufacturer will never know how it got fried.
    Kind of like people have no morals.
    Really disgusting.

    OK time for wake and bake.and calm down a little.
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