How do I transfer my OS from RAID 0 to SSD?

Hi there.

Here's the deal:
At the moment I have a RAID config of 2 500GB HDD drives (stripped), that I have partitioned into 4x 250GB. Now I have installed a new SSD. I want to use this SSD as my bootdrive, but I still want to use the stripped config for my data.

Instead of a clean install, I want the OS transferred to the SSD.
I want the drive letters adjusted, so the SSD will be C: and the data partitions to be D: through G:.

Is this possible, are there drawbacks to this, how do I proceed.

My PC:
MB: m2n32 SLI deluxe
CPU: Athlon X2 6000+
GPU: HD4770
Storage: 2x Samsung F3 500GB (HD502HJ) Striped using Nvidia Raid controller on the MB; 1x OCZ vertex2 60GB
OS: Win7 x64

The current config of my partitions is:
C: 250GB on raid (OS and programmes)
D: 60GB on SSD (empty)
J: 250GB data and programmes
K: 250GB data
L: 200GB data

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Move everything off of the array with your OS except what you want to move to your new boot drive. (the SSD)
    Buy a drive cloning program, like Acronis True Image, install it on the array.
    Use it to mirror your current array to the SSD and change the SSD to the boot drive and the array to storage. Acronis will do this fast and simple.
    You may have to change some settings in your BIOS as well during the first reboot if you have settings that set your RAID array as bootable, or as storage in the BIOS.
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