New driver crashes at startup?

I just updated my driver (I believe to 185.85) on an nVidia 9400 card in Windows Vista 32-bit.

When I attempt to start my computer it will hang up before reaching the Vista splash screen on a black screen with a movable white pointer arrow. At this point I cannot use Ctrl-Alt-Del. If I force a hard power down and try again the same thing happens in safe mode as well: Hung on a black screen with a movable white arrow, no Ctr-Alt-Del function.

Periodically the computer will stop before this point with message "The display driver has crashed", "A device driver had been terminated", or "The display driver has failed to load." Sometimes it will start CHKDSK which runs through and claims no errors, sometimes it will run a windows repair recovery tool which will crash with a BSOD.

The BSOD reads: "Technical Information: STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x84F2C2D8, 0x93BB8CD4, 0x00000000)
win32k.sys - Address 93BB8CD4 base at 93A00000, DateStamp 4549aea2"

Alternately, what would happen if I tried to take out the video card giving me issues and tried plugging my monitor back into the motherboard video card? If I could get something to display there I might be able to rollback the driver.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    I hear a lot of people lately with your problem or similar.
    You will need to go in the bios to enable onboard video and disable PCI-Express.
    Use the onboard video to get in Safe Mode. Try uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and use the Windows drivers or do a roll back to a previous version.
  2. I did this and continued to get the KSOD, as it turns out the driver was the last straw on an abused camel, and the hard drive was fried. I managed to recover the data I absolutely needed, called the rest a wash, and now have a new hard drive which seems to be functioning much better.

    I did not try to re-install 158.85, however.
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