Faulty PSU - Contact Enermax or Newegg?

Ok, so, at this point, I'm fairly confident I have a faulty PSU. The PC shuts down during games, and even during start-up (which I've heard draws 40% more power than usual). Now, I ordered my Enermax 425W PSU from Newegg, but I'm not sure whether I take the issue up with them, or with Enermax? I'm looking for the fastest turnover, so any insight on both's return practices would be helpful.
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  1. I looked at several Enermax psu's on Neweggs' website and all of them said return for refund for 30 days and return for replacement 1 year. If its been longer than a year you will have to deal with Enermax. If not I would go thru Newegg as I am sure it would be a lot quicker than dealing with Enermax.
  2. Quote:
    Wow, this guy needs help from us, instead of contacting newegg or bothering to read neweggs return policy. It clearly states under the Enermax psu that you can return for refund for 30 days. Not to mention that Newegg has LiveChat that you could ask in a matter of 30 seconds.
    Do you need us to wipe your butt too?

    Thanks for the commentary, but my question did not involve the eligible time-period in which I could return, but rather which would be the quickest. I haven't dealt with either company before, and was simply looking for opinions on those who have. If you choose not to help me, then don't -- but please excuse the snarky remarks.
  3. It wasn't a question of could I return it to Newegg or Enermax . My question asked whether Newegg or Enermax would be faster in processing a replacement for my faulty PSU. Seems pretty clear cut to me if you know how to read. :)

    Thankfully, easymoney9 answered my question. I'll send it to Newegg this weekend.
  4. Yeah, whatever man. My question is answered. Thanks Easymoney9.
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