Not your everyday 2GB vs 4GB thread

I just found 2GB of old ram that I was thinking on putting into my pc but they are DDR2-533.

Is it better to:
1. Do nothing, stay with 2GB (380 x 8).
2. Run overclocked CPU (380 x 8) with a divider in favor of the cpu with 4GB.
3. Run stock CPU speed (266 x 8) with 4GB.

Current setup:
E6400 @ 380 x 8
2GB ram running 1:1
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  1. idk 2gb is barelly any ram...and you need as much as you can get...
    I'd recommend you try option 2...see how it the setups
    and test them in real benches to see which one would be best...
  2. Does anyone have any experience on overclocking with the RAM running slower than the FSB?
    Is it worth it or am I better off at stock speeds?
  3. It should be else do you overclock an Intel pentium dual core form 2.6 to 3.8? you overclock using the fsb and then you change the ram divider to run your ram as close as possible to the stock speed of your ram...

    It's just that your higher speed ram will have to work as fast as your slower ram...
    it's worth a shot...I don't think you'll damage anything trying...
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