Mirroring a RAID 10 Array across the internet?

Hey there folks,

I would like to put my storage into a RAID 10 array for purposes of providing enhanced protection against drive failures while simultaneously improving data transfer rates over other redundant (i.e., not RAID 0) RAIDs. (I'm willing to accept the cost in terms of reduced array capacity compared to RAID 5 etc.) I would also like to take precautions against catastrophic site failure (fire, power surge, water damage, etc.) and mirror the data in the RAID array to off-site, internet-based, online storage (possibly also RAID 10).

Does anybody have any links to good information on standards-based mirroring protocols over TCP/IP? I would like to use a methodology that does the mirroring transparently (in the background), and in such a manner that it does not affect other internet usage significantly.

I'd be interested if anybody has developed some quick scripts or apps to switch between the mirrored sites in case the worst comes to pass?

One thing I've thought about is partnering with a friend, getting two RAID enclosures that we put in each others' homes, and splitting up the storage so that each of us have access to half the storage on each device - the half in our own home would be for storage and the half of the storage in the others' home for redundant storage. Has anybody else out there attempted anything like this, and if so, what gems can you share?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. bump...anybody have any ideas on this stuff?
  2. This is going to be pricey no matter how you slice it IMHO.

    I would go with a couple Netapp boxes. www.netapp.com They make some small business entry level stuff nowadays. They have had replication over IP networks for years. Still going to run you a few grand though.

    You could home build it, but the time cost to get your replication working is going to be hefty if there are no free apps out there. I've never tried homebrew replication, just off the shelf and all of my friends have used vendor supplied replication software. The Linux community may have something out there that meets your need.

    I do recommend having you and your friend buy your own drives for your storage space so that there are fewer ownership issues.
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