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i'm looking to do my first build and i wanted it to be a gaming comp. i don't really know too much about computers in this aspect at the moment but really want to. next year of school i'm taking an A+ certification class so that will teach me a lot about comps and give me time to get money for all of the parts. my price range is around $1000-$1500. was just wondering what tips anyone had for a really good gaming comp that could be made within that price range.
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  1. Are you building it now or next year? Because our recommendations today won't for the most part be valid anymore in a year.
  2. i was hopping to have all the parts for it around chirstmas
  3. I'd wait 4-5 months then, prices will change, new parts will be introduced.
    In any case, the system you'll be building then is not the same as what would be the best today.
    Just my $0.02.
  4. ^+1
    The components and the prices of the hardwares changes rapidly...So if you are planning to get the components by Christmas, then dont plan now, come back on November...that is a good time...
  5. Then you can find some black friday deals too :P
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