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Hello, my 2500k is at 4.3GHz stable prime95 at 1.275V. Even if I up the voltage, it will not even boot Windows at 4.4 GHz, yet my OC utility can get me over 4.45 GHZ with the BCLK at 103 that will run prime 95 for hours. That same setting will also not boot Windows. What is wrong?
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  1. I got the ASRock p67 Extreme4 and have not updated the BIOS, but I will check in to that. It's just weird how it WILL pass Prime95 at 4.45GHz in Windows, but turn it off and it will no longer boot... :heink:
  2. I checked the webstie, it lists 1.30 as their latest, which says it is the first version. I'll try it, just in case there was some problem in my BIOS (same version I believe), and get back to you.
  3. I updated to the new BIOS, which went form P1.1 to P1.3, yet the problem still persists. It will show the ASROCK logo and go through that part of the boot, but then gets stuck at the IDE initialization, and stays at the blinking underscore screen indefinitely. My Debug LED says its initializing IDE, but will not get past that. Also, at that stage my restart button no longer works, and the CAPS LOCK, etc. keys on my keyboard don't affect the LED indicators anymore. I know the system's hung, but I always thought that unstability was a gradual thing, and not a cutoff at a specific Hz. I also thought the more voltage applied the higher the overclock, yet no matter how much I throw at it (1.5V once) it will not boot Windows 7. Oddly enough, my 4.3 GHz clock will boot no problem and pass Prime95 on only 1.25V and 53C. Did I just get a weird chip or mobo?
  4. What is your BCLK at? With Sandy Bridge the SATA clock is linked to the BCLK. SATA is pretty timing sensitive and doesn't like being overclocked, that could be why your boot cycle fails at IDE (HDD) initialization.
  5. k I haven't responded b/c, well idk why. But I did find out my problem, I hadn't overclocked the BCLK any and it still wouldn't boot, that wasn't it. I did mangae to find a beta for BIOS 1.40 and it allowed for PLL overvoltage (even though I ahd maually set the PLL higher anyways) nonetheless my 2500K is now sitting on 4.6GHz at 1.35V and 53ºC. Thanks everyone.
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