Graphics error after login xp black screen

I was playing a computer game while watching a movie as usual last night when I suddenly got black screen and the computer didnt respond to my commands.
So obviously I rebooted my pc but when it started up the graphics was messed up and after I log into my account I get same blackscreen after about 10 seconds.

It works safe mode but the graphic issue is still there.
There was no hint of an issue before the first black screen, everything seemed normal.
Any ideas?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I could really use some help. I've searched google for an answer for 2 days now and I can't find the solution for this problem. Someone?
  3. Ill beg for help one last time. Can someone that knows his/her way around computers please help me?
  4. Could you elaborate graphics messed up?
    Anything in event viewer?
    Have U tried uninstalling the game ?

    Ok, let's see :Try disabling your video card from device manager. Restart in safe mode. (this will only leave the VGA settings)see if screen is the same. If not, then its your video card...Try updating drivers...
    Also try changing to a lower resolution in safe mode.

    Go to Start>Run > msconfig
    Click Diagnostic startup with basic devices and see if you still get the blank screen.
    Have you tried a System restore to an earlier time, if not run system restore! Start>Run>msconfig click System restore, because that's a sure way to go!

    If I'll think of anything else I'll let U know... :hello:
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